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Marquis is a growing business specialising in the provision of a range of services to surface finishing industry. Marquis has a proven track record for water conservation and effluent treatment technology in the plating process sector. I t believes in and encourages the concept of waste minimisation at source as the way to reduce raw material costs and thereby enhance profitable business operations. Marquis has gained a broad 'blue chip' client list. Ashton & Moore Ltd, Atotech (uk) Ltd, T.W. Bayston, British Aerospace, British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association, Willi am Canning Ltd, Enthone-OMI Ltd, Environmental Research Management (Oxford), Frost Electroplating, Jacquet Weston Plant Ltd, Merthyr Electroplating Co Ltd, Metal Colours Ltd, Metal Finishing Association, Product Finishing, Robert Stuart plc, Serfilco Europe Ltd. Marwuis is a chemical engineering based consultancy able to draw upon a broas range of skills, expertise and know-how related to process chemistry, chemical engineering unit operations, process and utilities plant design, automated process control and chemical analytical procedures. marquis has a substantial capability and experience in areas designed to reduce operational costs within the context of the environmental challenge. The prcticality of substantial water reduction in the aqueous water surface finishing industry was first demonstrated at Metal Colours Ltd in 1984 when david Hemsley was Chief Engineer and Director at Enthone-OMI.Water useage was reduced to a quarter of its historic value.